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Future billy cart racer Chloe Bell and her brother Noah.

Big thrills and spectacular spills

SPEED wobbles and a few hard stacks at the inaugural Hills Billy Cart Festival had mothers gritting their teeth and race participants grinning as they zoomed down the track.

Scrapes and bruises became badges of honor to those who spent months crafting their homemade billy carts and had a chance to test them out on Sunday. 

Carts came in all shapes and sizes, from bathtubs, airplanes and replica fire engines to the more classic design. 

Speaking to Echo News the day after the event, which drew crowds from all over Perth to Mt Helena, race organiser John Bell said he was still numb from an action packed day and had much to do. 

“All in all it was a good day,” he said. 

“The things I saw as things we could have done better, the community were so forgiving about.

“Contestants said it was a fantastic event and they would come again next year, also those who didn’t participate said they wanted to take part next year.”

A last minute track realignment saw the start of the races delayed for a short time before drivers got behind the wheel and put their trust in the homemade vehicles. 

“I know what needs to be improved,” Mr Bell said. 

“What’s been nice is a lot of volunteers have come forward and said we want to be a part of it next time.”

This week race participants and spectators alike took to the Act-Belong-Commit Hills Billy Cart Festival Facebook page to share pictures and videos of hairline finishes and heroic crash landings.

One particular crash saw Mr Bell’s grandson Noah in a spectacular drift and rollover, a good lesson in the importance of helmets, and ended with the young driver thumbs in the air to show he was okay.

Reliving the moment, Mr Bell chuckled. 

“He was chuffed with himself,” he said.

“I think he has hero cult status now and I’m sure the story will be shared all around school.

“I don’t think his mother was as pleased though.”

Find The Act-Belong-Commit Hills Billy Cart Festival on Facebook for videos and photos from the day.

By Claire Ottaviano

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