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Breweries gear up for WA Beer Week

Breweries gear up for WA Beer Week

THREE Swan Valley breweries and one Bassendean brewery are gearing up for WA Beer Week, with enough events and new beer releases to make a teetotaler thirsty.

The Swan Valley has a unique beer history, with two of WA’s most well-recognised craft beer breweries – Feral Brewing and Mash Brewing – in close proximity to each other, both well-established before the craft-beer explosion that came in the mid-2000s.

Bassendean’s Nail Brewery shares a production and distribution facility with Feral making them practically brothers-in-arms while Ironbark Brewery, although not as well-known as the big three, has been around for longer than Feral and is also producing excellent beers.

Ironbark’s  manager Graham White believes the Swan Valley is a unique destination for beer lovers that will be packed over WA Beer Week,which runs from the 17th to the 26th of November.

“It’s definitely a feature destination for beer,” he said.

“I mean it’s so close to the city and with all the buses there you’d be mad not come out, we’re packed on the weekend and we’re releasing a Saison in the next couple of weeks that should be pretty good.’

Mash Brewing general manager Scott Earley takes the destination one  step further.

“It’s probably a beer destination of a Australia, not just WA,” he said.

“Probably not the destination but certainly one of, the concentration of some pretty good breweries in such a small location is pretty unusual and you can do all of them within probably about a 15 kilometre drive.”

Mash will be releasing a Little New England IPA for WA Beer Week, while Nail will produce a souped-up version of their core-beer Very Pale Ale with a Super Very Pale Ale.

Feral brewery manager Dan Feist said Feral were gearing up for the release of their infamous American Imperial IPA, Tusk, with Tusk Day kicking off on November 17th, and owner Brendan Varis said he expects Tusk to be sold out within three days.

For a full list of events, head to www.wabeerweek.com.au

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