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Parkerville resident Bob Roget says missing trees are a mystery. Picture: Claire Ottaviano

Case of the missing trees

PARKERVILLE resident Bob Roget says thieves may have stolen trees currently at the centre of a court case against him by the Shire of Mundaring.

The Shire will allege that Mr Roget illegally moved about eight to ten trees from an area about 600sqm.

Mr Roget said the Shire presented him with aerial images taken in September 2017 and another seven months later in April 2017 clearly showing the missing trees but he did not know how or when the trees were removed.

“They’ve showed me the aerial images and yes I can see the trees are missing,” he said.

“But I didn’t remove them and I don’t know who did.”

Mr Roget, who no- longer owns that part of his property, having subdivided and sold a portion of his land in August, said about 60 other fully developed trees were removed as part of fire break requirements of the subdivision.

Mr Roget admitted he gave permission for neighbours to take dead wood but only fallen, dead wood and not existing trees and wants to know if there are any other property owners in the Parkerville and the wider Hills area experiencing missing or stolen trees.

“I’ve put in 1000 trees in the 11 years since I’ve been here and the people before me put in about 2000,” he said.

“They also said there was a complaint lodged against me but they won’t tell me by who.”

When asked if the Shire’s investigation into the trees was triggered by a complaint from a third party a Shire spokesperson said no.

“If there was a third party involved the Shire would not be able to share this information,” the spokesperson said.

The Shire of Mundaring would also not provide the evidence it had against Mr Roget or the associated legal costs.

“As this matter will be subject to legal proceedings, the Shire is not in a position to respond to this question at this time,” a spokesperson said.

As the property is owned by Mr Rogets company, Intercorp Proprietary Limited, according to the Shire could be fined a maximum of $1,000,000.

The case will come before Midland Court on March 19.

By Claire Ottaviano

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