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Celebrating in style

Tracey Fox


ACE cinema’s Gold Lounge is celebrating 10 years of providing an excellent theatre going experience, and they invited Echo News to come along to their newly refurbished cinema.

As we walked up the gleaming stairs to the comfy bar/lounge, we were greeted like royalty, with drinks and delicious nibbles to tempt our taste buds.

Delectable delicacies featured in Ace’s new menu, and we tried very hard to sample them all.

When it came time to be seated for the show, we were treated to first class new seating, with electronic reclining chairs and more refreshments.

If you thought the Gold Lounge was posh before, you will be pleasantly surprised that everything has just got better, and its luxury  made watching the new prequel to Red Dog, Red Dog: True Blue an absolute delight.

If you were a fan of the 2011 original, you will fall in love all over again, when you are taken back to where it all started.

The tale begins when a young boy called Mick is sent to the bush to live with his crabby old grandfather after his mother has a bit of a turn.

Surviving in this harsh new environment is both lonely and daunting to the young boy, but after a massive storm blasts the farm, Mick discovers a pup that has been lost in the storm, bedraggled and covered in some blue stuff that I assumed to be some sort of mud.

After washing him off, and revealing his true red colouring, Mick still decides to name the pup Blue.

Together they have adventures, meet some of the rough locals, and generally fall in love with the bush and band together through thick and thin.

I don’t want to give much more away, it is an origin story after all, and you’ll want to discover it all for yourself.

It is a heart-warming, true Aussie classic that takes nothing away from the first, and only strengthens the love we all had for that stubborn red dog all those years ago.

You may still shed the odd tear, but I would say not so much as with the first, nevertheless if you go to see this wonderful film in the Gold lounge at Ace Cinemas Midland, you can console yourself with a delicious ice-cream sundae in the comfort of the new first class seats.

They still have that magical button to summon a waiter if you want another drink or anything else from the menu while you are there.

The upgrade is well worth a look, so why not spoil yourself over the holidays?

Take some time out to be treated like one of the stars on the screen, and enjoy a fabulous night out that is more than just a night at the flicks – it’s a true experience in luxury.

About Tracey Fox

For the past nine years Tracey has been the smiling face at reception. She takes care of the classifieds and trades and services sections for the paper but she is also our reviewer. For the past eight years her movies, books, theatre and food reviews have entertained our readers. She loves the fact the Echo is a small paper and its staff have a genuine interest in local issues because they are locals. Tracey says it is great working at a paper she wants to read.

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