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The Chidlow Cats are seeking funding to maintain their courts after the Shire of Mundaring withdrew from managing and maintaining the courts.

Chidlow Cats appeal for help

THE Chidlow Cats basketball club are appealing to members of the public in an effort to save their basketball facilities after the City of Mundaring elected to stop maintaining courts.

Cats committee member Janette Edwards said that while she could understand the motivations behind the Shire’s move, a lack of communication had left the club in a tight spot.
  “The Shire is trying to keep rates down and one of the ways they are doing that is by putting the onus back on clubs to maintain the facilities, which is fair enough,” she said.

“The only problem we have is that, I think there was a lack of communication and we’re now on a pretty tight deadline.

“We were blindsided by this to an extent but since the Shire made their decision they have been very good and those communication channels are now open.

“We’re certainly not putting any blame on them.”

The club, which has 108 members ranging from eight years old to 18, is a massive proponent of youth basketball in the area and Ms Edwards said the committee and club members were looking at every possible avenue to try and maintain the courts without making fees for club members prohibitive.

“We have a deadline from the Shire of Mundaring to prepare a business case, and that deadline is December 21.

“What we need to establish is funding so we are really exploring every option we have.

“At the moment the facility isn’t big enough for our members so we are looking at replacing the tennis court with a full-size basketball court to meet the needs of our members.

“We’ll be talking to the Department of Sport and Recreation and we’ll definitely be talking to the Bendigo Bank.”

Ms Edwards said the club was also appealing to any member of the public with expertise in grant funding to help save the club.

“If anybody can help, we’d really appreciate that.

“We’re looking for any possible way to get this business plan approved by the Shire of Mundaring, at the end of the day they’re in charge.

“We have the option of an extension on the deadline with the business plan, that is available to us but our number one priority is getting this sorted, getting the facility up to standard and getting back to supporting our young players.”

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