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Christopher Robin nails much-needed sweet spots

Tracey Fox


3.5 Stars



ADULTS of a certain age will remember growing up reading about Winnie the Pooh’s numerous adventures with many perhaps nostalgically longing for those earlier days. 

Although there have been quite a few Pooh films throughout the years to bring back those tender memories, it’s likely this latest instalment Christopher Robin will tug those heart strings just a bit more.

Ewan McGregor plays the grown-up version of the adventurous young Christopher Robin, who has moved far away from the boy who played for days in the hundred-acre woods with a bunch of stuffed animals in childhood innocent bliss.

After moving away to boarding school, and then surviving through the war, Christopher comes back to England to settle down in a job as the efficiency manager for a prestigious luggage factory which is suffering financially.

Married to a loving wife and blessed with a beautiful daughter he has become a shell of a man, so far from the creative and carefree happy child of his youth.

Working himself ragged for a company run by sycophantic snobs while trying to save a penny here and there to keep the business afloat, he seems to drift further and further away from those who love him and further away from the dream-chasing boy in those woods.

Now you’ll need to suspend disbelief when a teddy bear pokes his head out of a tree which just happens to be in the very park across from Christopher’s town house and reminds him of his promise to never forget his furry friends.

As silly as that is, even I could settle back and let the pure sweetness of the story wash over me.

Cynicism is so prevalent these days, perhaps we need a little bit more of these honeyed stories to remind us that sometimes we can just take a break from the harshness of reality and just go enjoy the precious simple joys like playing with a balloon with some really good friends.

Of course Christopher’s daughter gets dragged into the adventure, and their relationship will only be strengthened by their shared experience.

All in all, this film is a well-deserved rest from the rush-tear-bust of modern life, and a comfy pillow to rest your weary grown-up head on for a moment.

The characters we all know so well and continue to love are all there, in live action, fluffy and a bit worn at the edges, which makes them just a bit more relatable.

Aren’t we all just a bit worn at the edges, and in desperate need of a bit of gentleness?

If you, like me, are looking for a little something special, a bit gentle and as sweet as a big old pot of honey, I would certainly recommend a viewing of Christopher Robin to take a well-deserved rest from the real world and find yourself going nowhere and finding yourself going somewhere you really ought to be.

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