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The City of Swan has investigated four potential sites for a Midland skate park.

City looks to delay Midland skate sites

THE City of Swan has identified four possible sites for a skate park in Midland – however hopes of a pop-up skate park being established in the interim appear to be slim, according to a report set to be delivered to council next week.

The lack of a skate-park in Midland gained critical mass on February 26, when 12-year-old Zac Garnett was hit by a ute while crossing Roe Highway to visit a skate-park in Stratton.

He suffered severe injuries, including a badly broken pelvis, and on Wednesday night he bravely gave a deputation to the City.

“If we had a skate park, young kids wouldn’t have to cross a busy main road to use a skate park,” he said.

“There is more risk of kids getting injured crossing a busy road than on a skate park itself, and it would prevent people from damaging public property while trying to do tricks.

“We want the City of Swan to listen to the community and help us find somewhere to have a skate park and build a space for families to use.”

Harper Park, Woodbridge Riverside Park, Midland Oval and Lot 300 Gray Drive were all considered in the preliminary investigation, and all have their potential issues.

While Harper Park was considered to be well located to public transport, schools and an activity centre, it is also in close proximity to residences and could generate complaints.

Woodbridge Riverside Park is considered too isolated and as for Midland Oval, referred to as new Junction in the report, there is no provision in the adopted Midland Oval Redevelopment Masterplan for a dedicated skate park.

Lot 300 Gray Drive appears to fit all the criteria, however the report notes it does not have as high youth transit as other sites, or a major public transport connection.

The officer’s recommendation is to defer further investigation until the City completes its Open Space and Community Buildings Strategy, which is expected to be completed in December 2018.

A pop-up skate-park on Keane Street, proposed by Zac’s mother Jenice Latham at the Special Meeting of Electors on June 18, was also considered in a separate report which noted that while there was an existing concrete slab on Keane Street, it was only 10m by 12m, quite small for a skate-park.

The officer’s recommendation is to not proceed with a pop-up skate-park on Keane Street, and council will make a final decision on August 1.

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