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Comedy chaos continues in A Few Less Men

Tracey Fox
3 1/2 stars

Rated MA 15+


AUSSIE films tend to cop a bit of flak.

Either they are trying too hard, or not enough, and either way I pity the poor old Australian film industry because they are often assumed to be subpar sight-unseen.

A couple of years ago a quirky little under-rated comedy came out: A Few Best Men.

It was a cheeky look at the mishaps and misadventures of a wedding day that goes wrong in every ridiculously impossible way.

It didn’t receive a great deal of love either here or overseas, but it certainly didn’t deserve the nasty critics dumping on it from on-high either.

The rotten reviews it received belies the inexplicable fact that it has since been given a sequel, and this kooky film critic couldn’t get enough.

We return to the story we left off in the prequel, at the top of a cliff where four English mates are celebrating their buddy’s triumphant achievement of managing to get married under extreme and sometimes dangerously comedic conditions, when one of their gang accidently falls from the cliff.

Miraculously he survived the fall, only to be crushed by a massive rock just as the boys come to his rescue.

Now, all of this is set in Australia, and the boys are here from jolly old England to see their friend young David (Xavier Samuel) get married to the girl of his dreams.

Cut to the sequel, and the boys now have to escort the body of their dead companion back home for a funeral.

This is a disaster comedy so of course their plane crashes somewhere in outback Western Australia.

The fact it is set here, with so many well-known locations in our beautiful state should surely be enough to get a few West-Aussie bums on seats.

However, if the complete lack of buzz around the film suggests anything, it probably won’t. But it should.

We need to support the Australian film industry so get off your couch Perth and go see a cracker of a movie that may be a million jokes a minute, corny as hell and sometimes a gross out smack-in-the-face, but it had the audience I sat with rolling in their seats.

Once again, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, from cross-dressing machete-wielding bushmen to nymphomaniac old ladies in combi vans.

And the madness is topped off with a gigantic golden… Johnson they need to drag their friend through the desert in after they lose his coffin.

It can be a bit over-the-top, but seriously people this film is supposed to be outlandish, ridiculous and sometimes even offensive.

Perhaps we have become all too politically correct for such hilarity but maybe we should remember it wasn’t that long ago Benny Hill running around after bouncy beauties in their underwear was seen as the height of comedy.

If you like a bit of tongue in cheek, the odd flatulence joke and have a spare evening to just sit back and have a good old giggle I highly recommend you try to give A Few Less Men a chance.

But be quick as it may not be out for very long at all.

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