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A Nissan X-Trail was allegedly rear-ended by a white Mitsubishi Triton in Wattle Grove last week.

Crash victim seeks hit and run driver

A MAN rear-ended by a white Mitsubishi Triton in Wattle Grove is pleading with the driver who fled the scene of the accident to come forward.

 Joshua Johnson was taken to hospital after the alleged hit and run on Tonkin Hwy between Welshpool and Hale roads.

The force of the vehicle travelling at about 60km/hr knocked Mr Johnston’s Nissan X-Trail into another car, which hit another, causing a five-car pile-up.

All other drivers were uninjured.

A police report obtained from WA Police did not mention the run-away driver.

Mr Johnstone has serious concerns he will be left with the insurance bill.

“I have spoken to two other drivers and a witness and we are all on the same page, acknowledging that the at fault Mitsubishi fled the scene,” he said.

“The witness even chased after him.

“I have no idea how or why it wouldn’t be included in the report as I was taken away before police arrived.

“When we stopped in at Forrestfield police this morning, the officer said when the police arrived and all cars had already been towed off.”

A WA Police spokesperson said a five-car pile-up was reported at 4.05pm on May 11.

The report said all parties involved shared their details and departed the scene and that no further issues were identified.

According to Mr Johnson, who is a youth worker in the area, the Mitsubishi driver originally got out of his car and, when apparently returning to call an ambulance, got back in his vehicle and drove away. 

“I’m super lucky I was not seriously injured, let alone killed from the accident, but to take off is rubbish,” he said.

“I am seeking witnesses and the driver himself and anyone that’s got footage.

“At the end of the day, I’d love to be able to get the bloke that caused it and for him to just own up to it.”

William Zwart, the driver of the third car in the pile-up, confirmed Mr Johnson’s account.

 “I was involved in getting Josh out, he was trapped in his car,” he said. 

“I was attending him and the next thing I know people are shouting the driver who caused the accident was getting into his car and driving off.”

WA Police could not provide any further details. Mr Johnson and Mr Zwart have filed crash reports.

By Claire Ottaviano

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