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Sergeant Jeff Taylor from Mundaring Police.

Crime down, spirits high for Mundaring Police

MUNDARING Police officer-in-charge Sergeant Jeff Taylor says he is proud of his team and the community for reducing crime in the district, despite claims of a crime rise from the Opposition Police spokesman.

In response to comments from Opposition Police spokesman Peter Katsambanis, that crime in Mundaring had risen by 39 per cent, Sergeant Taylor said his data showed otherwise.

“My data is telling me we’re 11.7 per cent down from the same time the previous year,” he said.

“The financial year to date last year was sitting at 710 offences, our current financial year is sitting at 627, our five-year average for this period predicts we should be at 821.”

He attributes his district’s success to his staff and an increased presence on social media. 

“I’m ecstatic about our crime figures, ecstatic about what my team can achieve,” he said.

“We’re a small station and we achieve amazing results.

“Because we use social media we are constantly charging people and it gets around to the criminal community.

“We really do appreciate the community, if it wasn’t for them the figures wouldn’t be what they are, working together is the only way we can solve crime.”

Earlier in the week Mr Katsambanis said funding and staff cuts at Mundijong Police Station would affect crime in the hills.

“During the past year, crime in Mundaring has increased by 39 per cent, in Serpentine by 18 per cent and in Kelmscott by 12 per cent,” Mr Katsambanis said.

“At a time when the Government should be increasing the police presence in these areas, residents are being told they can’t even be guaranteed it won’t be cut.”

Mr Katsambanis said crime was one of the biggest issues raised in the lead up to this Saturday’s Darling Range by-election.

Although parts of the Shire of Mundaring cross into the Darling Range, Mundijong Police Station’s district does not include suburbs in the Shire.

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By Claire Ottaviano

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