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Best Friends Animal Rescue president Jeane Howes has a heart to help dogs spend their last years in a happy and safe place.

A dog rescue’s charity call out

A retired builder has stepped forward to help a charity that cares for dogs who still needs a concreter and plumber to help in the build of a rescue home in the hills.

The Best Friends Animal Rescue steps in to care for old, sick and sometimes dying dogs who would not be the first picked to be rehomed.

Now the charity has its sights set on building a senior and special needs dog retirement home and it is calling for public support.

Best Friends Animal Rescue was founded in 2006 by the charity’s president Jeane Howes, after she relocated from England where she and her mum would feed the stray street dogs.

Ms Howes now owns a five-acre block in the Perth Hills, where she rehabilitates the dogs she rescues, and from where she runs the rescue.

She said the senior sanctuary would give a much-needed, custom-built home for older and special needs dogs. Ms Howes said she and her volunteers would offer the dogs a safe and loving environment for care and rehabilitation for as long as was needed.

The aim is to house 30 dogs with facilities dedicated to their care.

Ms Howes said the charity wanted to build a retirement home because it could be difficult to find loving and experienced foster and forever homes for special needs dogs.

“This model of retirement home is prolific in America, and while it has been used in other states of Australia, there are too few organisations dedicated to the welfare of special needs and aged dogs.”

“A lot of older dogs have special needs that people find hard to maintain in their busy lifestyles and we hate to think of how many senior and special needs dogs end up spending their final moments alone and scared in the pound.

“We know how to look after and rehabilitate these dogs, we know how to treat them and take care of them to make sure their last years are filled with love and happiness”.

The rescue has raised enough money to begin building but they need more donations to achieve their goal and complete the home.

To donate go to https://www.gofundme.com/BFARescue

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