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Peter Marum says if you park under sign, like the one on Keane St, that does not say a ticket is needed you can successfully contest a fine.

Drivers urged to pay attention to signs

A SWAN View resident is urging those parking in Midland to check any parking fines they get to make sure it’s not a mistake after a query by Echo News got his fine overturned.

Peter Marum was told in a letter this month that his fine for parking on Keane St in Midland without a ticket would not be waived.

Despite Mr Marum advising the city where he parked did not require a ticket, according to the sign he parked next to.

Mr Marum was told he could dispute the fine by writing to the city to get the matter heard in court, but that might result in him paying more costs.

Following enquiries by Echo News the city reviewed the decision and agreed to overturn the ticket, which it said had been issued in error.

City of Swan acting chief executive officer Jim Coten said the signage was correct.

“When parking in either of the two bays, located in that section of Keane St, a ticket is not required to be purchased or displayed,” he said.

“As no ticket is required to be displayed, the infringement was issued in error and will be withdrawn.”

Mr Coten said an official withdrawal notice would be sent to Mr Marum by the end of the week.

“The city would like to apologise to Mr Marum for the inconvenience caused.”

The parking ticket machines in Midland were first switched on in January 30 this year and by May 30 the city issued 1,103 fines.

Only 29 of those fines were withdrawn after an appeal.

Mr Marum has welcomed the apology but said he wonders how many other people had been fined by mistake, as the car in front of him was also fined.

“How many people have just rung up and complained about being fined in a spot that did not require a ticket, but then paid $45 when their complaint feel on deaf ears,” he said.

“Especially when they are told their only option is to go to court, if they are not happy.

“If they’ve made one error you can imagine they’ve made a few more.”

Mr Marum said more training clearly needed to be given to the city’s parking attendants.

“They shouldn’t let them loose with a parking ticket book and let them run riot fining every car they see.”

For more information on where parking is available in Midland, including free timed parking go to: http://tinyurl.com/ycb2zve7

By Rashelle Predovnik

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