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Greta and Willie Siroen.

Family strengthens Midvale business

S & S Industries, the Siroen family owned business that has become somewhat of an institution in the Bellevue / Midvale area will celebrate 50 years in business on August 19.

The thriving company is described as a one stop shop for the panel beating and spray painting industries by director Tony Siroen 56, the oldest of the business founders Willie and Greta Siroen’s sons.

Willie Siroen started the firm originally in Osborne Park in 1967 but 11 months later the operation was moved to Wells St in Bellevue after he bought out his original partner.

The expanding and developing business later moved to Elgee Road in Bellevue where they remained for 19 years.

They shifted to their current location in Rothschild Place in Midvale over the Christmas / New Year period of 1998-99 having bought the property off Western Power.

Originally a mechanic Willie Siroen decided to create the business after he purchased a paint thinning formula off a friend in Melbourne.

From those humble beginnings the family run S & S Industries has now grown into one of the largest suppliers in WA to the panel beating and spray painting industries and is a large manufacturer of industrial paint.

Their father Willie encouraged the Siroen boys themselves to do an apprenticeship as a mechanic in order to suitably prepare them for the needs, requirements and expectations of customers before they became involved in the business.

Tony described his father and now deceased mother as go getters who really liked to achieve and the family involvement now stretches over several generations.

Willie’s youngest son Jeff 53, is also a director of the business while middle brother Ron 54, manages Spray Safe WA, the spray booth division of the company.

This branch of the company began operation in 1983 and have been manufacturing automotive spray booths and industrial ovens since then.

While Willie Siroen is now retired and living in Busselton, the extensive family involvement continues to this day with Jeff’s wife Wendy 48, also working there and looking after the business accounts.

Grandchildren Brent 30, Daniel 28 and Aaron 18 have also succumbed to the lure of the family owned and run business.

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