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Can I submit an already made advert?

YES, it can be supplied as a pdf or jpg file with a resolution no less than 200dpi via email to production@echo-news.com

How do I supply images for advertisements?

All images and logos to be forwarded as jpg file no less than 200dpi via email to production@echo-news.com.

How much space in a column?

There are 7 columns to a page. Each column measures 34mm wide.

Is Echo News a part of any overall WA newspaper group?

Yes, we are a part of the Perth Suburban Newspaper Group. This is a group that incorporates local, independent newspapers in Perth.

What is the Echo News publication date?

The Echo Newspaper is published every Saturday.

I have never advertised before – Can Echo News make an advertisement for me?

Yes, we have a production team than can design an ad for you.

Does the classifieds/trades section go to every edition of the paper?

Yes, it runs the full distribution of the paper.

How do I set up a trade account?

An application for credit for a 30 Day Trading Account needs to completed and signed. Three current trade account referees will need to be provided so that a credit check can be carried out by our Accounts department. On a satisfactory result from this, a 30 Day Trading Account will be set up for the applicant.

Is there a fee for art work?

Echo Newspaper does not charge a production fee to produce any general news display advertisements however there is a small charge to produce Trade and Classified Display Advertisements.

Can I book inserts to go inside the Echo Newspaper?

Yes, please contact the office for prices. We will only ever book 1 insert per edition so that your insert won’t get lost with lots of other inserts. and the insert will get inserted into the paper.

Do I have to pay up front, or will I receive an invoice?

Advertising is sold on a Cash Sale basis. Payment is required by 2pm Wednesday prior to that week’s edition going to print. The exception is if the Customer has previously been granted a 30 Day Trading Account. An application for credit is available on request.

What are your trading terms?

Payment is due 30 Days after the end of the Invoice month.

Can I advertise into just my local area?

Yes, we have 4 editions being, Eastside, Ellenbrook, Kalamunda and Mundaring.

What format does my ad need to be supplied in?

It can be supplied as a pdf or jpg file with a resolution no less than 200dpi.

Can my ad run in all 4 editions?

Yes, please call the office for further information.

How large is the Distribution of the Echo?

CAB audited figure as of 31  March 2015 is: 64,543*. * 4 editions combined figure

How much does a classified or Trade ad cost?

Please call the office to help you with further information (08) 9374 6666. Or Visit our advertising section of our website.

What is the booking Deadline?

General Display – Tuesday 12noon prior to publication Classifieds – Wednesday 2pm prior to publication Trades & Services – Tuesday 4pm prior to publication

What is the ad copy deadline?

Tuesday at 5pm prior to publication.

What is the editorial deadline?

Monday at 5pm prior to publication.

Why am I not receiving an Echo at home?

Please call PMP Distribution (08) 9418 2555

I don’t want an echo delivered to my home, what do I do?

Please call PMP Distribution (08) 9418 2555. or You can place a “No Junk Mail” sticker on your letterbox.

Where can I find an Echo in a stand?

Please visit our distribution section of our website to view where you can pick up an Echo fro one of our stands

Can I deliver the Echo in my area?

Yes if your area is vacant. Please call PMP distribution on (08) 9418 2555 to check.

What areas does the Echo cover?

City of Swan, Shire of Kalamunda, Shire of Mundaring, Town of Bassendean and rural areas Northam, Toodyay and York.