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Gold: not all that sparkles

Tracey Fox

Rated M

3.5 Stars


TRUE stories can really be interesting to watch, and Gold is the kind of flick that makes you wonder how the heck some people get away with the things they do.

Gold is, and always has been, that enticingly shiny lump of metal that can send people crazy with their lust for it.

The promise of riches, power and control can be highly addictive.

And former wealthy miner Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) is a junkie for it; down to his last few dollars, with only a dream of discovering gold in the forests of Indonesia in his back pocket.

Although it will take some time to burn the image of a greedy-greasy, receding-hair-lined McConaughey with a paunch from my memory; he really did throw in all his acting chops to portray a pretty horrible character: the “everyman” with the guts to go up against the big boys of Wall Street.

After partnering up with a well-known Geologist Micke Acosta, (who is famous for discovering a whole bunch of copper and making other people incredibly rich), Wells treks out to the jungles of Indonesia to discover their fortune.

Sinking every last dollar into the mine, Wells succumbs to a nasty case of Malaria and grunts and groans his way through a few weeks, while his new friend Micke tries to keep the mine afloat, and magically discovers a hefty amount of gold in them-there jungles.

Then the world goes nuts over the find of the most prolific mine site in history and everyone starts throwing around big bags money trying to buy themselves a nugget or two in the company’s fortunes.

When the boys come back to America, they are seen as heroes to many, but also easy targets for the shady competition who are out for the control of the mine.

There is an awful lot of boozing it up, and reveling of all kinds, but under the surface things are not always what they seem.

Greed can do strange things to people after all.

As true stories go, Gold is curiously enticing, as you discover the swindle of the century bit by bit, you can’t help but grow some tiny inspiration from the sheer simplicity of the crime that fools so many.

With excellent performances by the entire cast, we are lead through the golden heights of success to the darkest depth of betrayal and despair.

Yet another McConaughey film worth a look at just to see how far his has come from being a rom-com heart throb, to finding his niche as a character actor with real talent.

While some haven’t had many positives to share about Gold, I think it deserves a bit more credit.

It may not be pure movie gold, but even fool’s gold can be pretty and shiny.

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