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Greens Midland candidate on drug policy

WHEN people go to vote on Saturday, March 11 the Greens candidate for Midland Matthew Biggs hope they will keep in mind the party’s commitment to establish a new drugs information and monitoring system.

Mr Biggs said the Greens harm reduction policy would stay tough on drug dealers and drug traffickers but called for the decriminalisation of personal possession with those found in possession of illicit drugs to be directed towards health care, rather than the criminal justice system.

He said in an attempt to reduce drug harm and potentially save lives, especially at festivals, the Greens were also calling for public funding for on-site laboratory grade testing such as chromatography and mass spectrometry providing festival goers with real time information about the contents of drugs.

He said he had seen the effects of the crime stance on drugs every day in his electorate and its failure to work.

“It is insane to do the same things over and over again and expect different results,’’ he said.

“It is about time we get some sanity around the topic.

“I see the effects of a system that focuses on incarceration every day in my electorate – we should be focusing on rehabilitation.

“Everybody knows somebody who has gone through drug troubles.”

He said the issue was very close to his heart and something should have been done about drug reform long ago.

The need for rehab centres and homeless facilities in the area was apparent and he recognised the need for a sustainable future and the benefits from following the path to a clean energy Australia as was protecting the land and environment.

A proud long-term resident of the Midland Guildford area he said he joined the Greens as a personal endeavour to fight for people who could not be heard.

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