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Hitman’s Bodyguard hits all the right spots

Tracey Fox

3 1/2 Stars

If Deadpool’s R (US 2016) rating wasn’t enough proof that filmgoers do indeed like a bit of senseless violence mashed in with their humour, The Hitman’s Bodyguard will certainly be.

Sure, anyone can tell this eye watering juggernaut of bullets and blasts was not meant to be too taxing on the brain – the plot is fairly formulaic – but it makes up for it with two of the best men for the job – Ryan Reynolds and the ever-expletive Mr Samuel L. Jackson.

Reynolds plays executive protection agent Michael Bryce, once bodyguard to the rich and famous, now fallen from grace.

Jackson is the notorious world class hitman Darius Kincaid, who just so happens to also be Bryce’s ultimate nemesis, as well as a witness to the evil deeds done by dictator Vladislav Dukhovich (Gary Oldman).

It just so happens Bryce’s ex-girlfriend is the one in charge of escorting Kincaid from England to The Hague to testify against Vladislav, so when all the henchmen in the world descend upon their team and blow everything sky high, it is Bryce she turns to for help.

Of course, this is a match made in hell when these two super egos collide.

Not only is this a road trip/buddy comedy, but you get the added spice of ballistic bombs and vivid violence, with an underlining message of love, and the critical question of good versus evil.

Salma Hayek steals the show as Kincaid’s imprisoned wife, who can fight like a man and puts Jackson’s frequent obscenities to shame.

Every possible chase scene imaginable races through this film; speeding at a breakneck pace where the witty quips fly just as fast and free.

They have only 24 hours to get the Kincaid to the trial, but they manage to crash many cars, trucks, motor cycles and even boats into various gorgeous European streets.

On their travels they learn their differences aren’t so different, and that no one’s “thing” is better than the other’s.

It’s a little cartoonish enough at times, with adult themes of course, but you are never far away from a fight or a fart joke.

If that is your thing and you enjoyed Deadpool, I feel certain you’ll appreciate this type of film for what it is: a well-chosen cast, doing awesome stunts, and quite a bit of biffo and belly laughs.

If not, well, you may just come away with a mild headache and a bit of ringing in the ears.


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