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DWER says rubbish including a fridge, car body parts, furniture and lubricants was dumped in bushland near Canning Mills Rd.

Illegal dumper caught on camera

A MAN was fined $5000 in Midland Magistrates Court after he was caught on camera emptying a trailer load of waste in Korung National Park.

The Department of Environment Regulation said Duncan Edwards Hepple, 56, who did not appear in court, also had to pay costs totalling $744.35 for dumping the solid waste material including a fridge, car body parts, furniture and lubricants in bushland near Canning Mills Road on February 20 this year.

On 2 March 2017, after being contacted by the former Department of Environment Regulation’s illegal dumping program officers (now the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation investigations senior manager Matt Warnock said Mr Hepple returned to the site to remove the dumped waste – an act captured by the same covert camera.

Illegal dumping program officers then invited Mr Hepple to attend the department’s offices on March 20 to discuss the incident but said he failed to attend.

Mr Warnock said the conviction was an example of the effectiveness of covert surveillance in the successful prosecution of illegal dumpers.

“This offender knew that his actions were wrong when dumping this rubbish, as demonstrated when he later returned to the site to remove his dumped items,” he said.

“Illegal dumping is a serious offence and the department will continue to take action against those with disregard for the law.”

Illegal dumping can be reported to DWER’s 24-hour pollution watch hotline on 1300 784 782 or via email at pollutionwatch@dwer.wa.gov.au

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