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Incredibles 2 a super sequel

Tracey Fox

4 stars

Audiences may be feeling the fatigue of so many sequels, and so little in the way of new stories and characters to discover, but Pixar has taken 14 years since the original first came out to really put a whole lot of love into this Incredible sequel.
While the first was dynamic and fresh, returning to the Incredibles world we see a world in a bit of strife, where Supers (heroes) have been deemed dangerous to the public and are now illegal.
The family are holed up in a tiny hotel room, trying to hide their super powers while trying to find their new place in the world.
A very enthusiastic billionaire has a bit of a soft spot for super heroes and wants to recruit the remaining Supers to prove they can help the world, without destroying everything in the process.
But this time the tables are turned.
Rather than the big strong father Mr Incredible being the provider and protector, Mother Elastigirl is asked to be the one to lead the Supers back into the hearts and minds of the public.
With a super speedy son, and moody teenage daughter and a super baby with multiple super powers, Dad has his hands full while Mum goes off to save the day.
The many years between films has proven to be a boon to the style and visuals which are vastly improved and an absolute feast for the eyes.
While the moralistic content is a tad darker, and perhaps more serious, there is still plenty of comedy liberally sprinkled throughout to keep both the adults and kids enthralled.
The social commentary on our fascination with Super Heroes is sobering, reminding us that we are living in a time that we are fed what we should believe or care for, and our modern distractions can blind us from truth and take away our personal strength and responsibilities as a society.
Incredibles 2 has a lot to say, if you have an ear to listen.
But it also has plenty of bang and biffo for those who just want to relax their eyeballs with some cinematic fun.
Either way, this latest offering, while a long time in the making, is definitely going to be a beloved edition to the ever-increasing list of excellent animations from Pixar and may well be the best of its type this year.

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