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Kiely wants 20 per cent rate rise

ALTONE Ward councillor Andrew Kiely has  indicated he will move a motion calling on the City of Swan to raise rates by 20 per cent at October’s council meeting.

Amazingly, Cr Kiely believes the City and the larger community should support his push for the massive rate rise to expedite stage one of the Midland Oval redevelopment.

In an era where councils live and die by their rate rises, a councillor proposing a 20 per cent rate rise might be seen to be committing political suicide, however Cr Kiely told Echo News this was not the case.

“I have, from the very outset of running for Council, always pushed  for a zero per cent increase to rates,” he said.

“I wanted a decrease in rates.

“This is merely about getting on board with a decision of council to approve the Midland Oval Redevelopment Masterplan.

“I don’t want the initial costs to be dragged out over a number of years by borrowings or removal of fundings from other areas.

“There seems to be broad support for the MORM, so I would assume if there is broad support out there for it there would be broad support for the community to carry the cost.”

Interestingly, the business case for the MORM will be decided at the same meeting, however Cr Kiely denied there was a link with his motion.

“It’s important that the community are aware of the initial cost  and I believe there would be broad support of a 20 per cent rate increase for the MORM.

“It’s about being open and transparent as a council.

“I believe the 20 per cent would cover the initial costs.

“I’m just getting on board with the decision.”

Cr Kiely has consistently voted against moving forward with the Midland Oval Redevelopment, and said that a 20 per cent rate rise in the next financial year would make sure the cost of the MORM was not obscured.

A 20 per cent rate rise would be unprecedented in the state of WA, should council choose to support Cr Kiely’s push.

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  1. “There seems to be broad support for the MORM, so I would assume if there is broad support out there for it there would be broad support for the community to carry the cost.”

    The word delusional comes to mind.

  2. That is ludicrous given in the area zoned General Rural immediately north of The Vines which has experienced a 500% rate rise. Are you now proposing a 20% rise on that 500% rate rise? Youre in dream mland. Furthermore, it is a far better business decision to leave Midland Oval as it is having played all my sport there with St Brigids as a primary school student.

  3. According to the RBA from year ending 2002 to year ending 2018 (compounded) inflation amounted to 44%, so $2000 in 2002 would be $2893.30 in 2018 dollars.
    From year ending 2002 to year ending 2018 City of Swan rates have increased (compounded) 114% so $2000 spent on rates in year ending 2002 would be $4220.80 …. or 70% OVER inflation.
    In that same time the number of rateable properties has increased from 35,916 to 57,645 while the area the council administers has remained the same.
    So not only is the City increasing the rates by 70% OVER inflation for each and every rate payer, it has had a 60% increase in the rate payer base as well!
    I am unsure if there is a case for an in-depth investigation into the operation of the City, or if it simply a case of ineptitude, incompetence or just poor management that has led to this runaway expenditure.

  4. Ian Wood, I am not unsure if there is a case for an in-depth investigation into the operation of the City, I am utterly certain that there should be one as soon as possible. This administration has shown a gross capacity for greed and very little regard for the residents of the City of Swan. As you stated the rateable properties have increased markedly, which you would think might ease some of the pressure on the entire rate payer base, however it appears to be the opposite.
    My view is that these councillors have no grasp on the reality of individuals’ financial burden and act solely in their own interests.

  5. It has been said that Cr Kiely is doing this to highlight to ratepayers the ludicrous situation ahead of us if MORM continues. I must say I though him smarter than saying something like this.
    However those of us who have been part of the protest know what’s going on, I wonder how many ratepayers are fully aware of what lays ahead for them.
    If this makes more people aware of what lies ahead that is good because that is what must happen if we are to achieve some changes in Council make up. We must do everything we can to expose stupidity and get more community minded councillors.
    Roll on October 2019.

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