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Moon gazers on a trip to Mount Brown in York enjoyed a cloudless night and uninterrupted views of the Super Blue Blood Moon. Picture: DAVID MIZEN

Lunar event attracts hills crowd

SPECTACULAR views from our hills and eastern region attracted people from all around Perth for last week’s Super Blue Blood Moon.

About 80 moon gazers with telescopes and cameras in tow set up on the edges of the weir, with more filling the south ledge lookout, while others went to York on an excursion with Midland Camera House.

The Super Blue Blood Moon was a rare lunar event combining a blue moon (the second full moon in the same month), a blood moon (a total lunar eclipse) and a super moon (the passing of the moon on its closest elliptical orbit).

Arnold Wilson of Iluka travelled to the weir with his grandchildren Kathryn, 11, and Toby, 9, and daughter-in-law Susie Wilson.

“The grandchildren were very excited,” he said.

“It was a late night for them, especially when they had school in the morning, but it’s important to share magical moments like this.”

73-year-old Mr Wilson made the trip to Mundaring to escape street lamps and City lights.

“I was surprised just how many people were there,” he said.

“It was a great night out, a real family friendly atmosphere.”

Closer to home, Mundaring’s Mike Deakin travelled from just around the corner to experience the spectacle.

“You knew you were watching a special event, a once in a life time event,” he said.

“It was a time to reflect on our planet and the universe around us and to ask that question ‘what is life all about in the big scheme of things’.”

A photographer for many years, Mr Deakin said he only recently started exploring photo opportunities in his own backyard and within the Darling Range.

“The hills are quite challenging for landscape compositions,” he said.

“I did manage to take a sunrise over the weir and back in December I went back and took a moonrise so I knew the opportunity was there for an uninterrupted view over the weir.

“Being close to home, it was a no brainer.”

Last week’s lunar eclipse was the first of two in 2018 with another due on July 28.

By Claire Ottaviano

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