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A man claiming to be former Brisbane lawyer Nigel Munt says he has purchased the Facebook page maddogofficial.

‘Mad Dog’ saga takes a strange turn

The case of the Facebook page largely responsible for Midland’s ‘Mad Dog’ Adrian being harassed has taken a strange turn, with a man claiming to be former millionaire Brisbane lawyer Nigel Munt saying he has purchased the page.

The Facebook page themaddogofficial changed its name last Sunday to nigelmuntof ficial, but retained content featuring Adrian.

A man purporting to be Mr Munt, a former multi-millionaire Brisbane lawyer handed a suspended three-year jail term after being convicted of supplying and trafficking methamphetamine in 2015, spoke to Echo News after we made contact with him through his Facebook page.

The phone number provided matches the number currently listed as Mr Munt’s at Brisbane law-firm Logan Law, where he is employed as a law clerk.

Mr Munt told Echo News that he purchased the Facebook page simply for the number of followers and he claims to have had no involvement in the page prior to his purchase.

“Some friends of mine wanted to sell it to me,” he said.

“I bought it last week, I won’t say how much I paid for it.

“The long and the short of it is your article came to our attention, and having a page called Mad Dog with people running around videoing the bloke is only going to antagonise things, so we’re not going to keep doing that anymore.

“I’ve changed the name of it.”

When Echo News spoke to Mr Munt, there was still plenty of content featuring Adrian on the page, however within one hour of our conversation, all the content had been deleted.

“I absolutely have respect for the guy.

“We weren’t making money off the guy, what was happening were people were requesting shirts and stuff and I think those fellas were selling shirts, and you can’t buy them anymore…those fellas I bought the page from.

“I don’t want this bloke to be harassed or anything like that, I’ve deleted all the content that relates to Mad Dog.

“I hope someone can let him know that we’ve taken this page down, I’m sure there are probably other pages but we’re not going to run anything on this page.

“It’d be good if he heard this had been taken down.”

Mr Munt is correct in the fact there is ‘Mad Dog’ merchandise being sold on other pages.

One such page is Redbubble.com, where users submit artwork
to be printed on shirts and sold for about $19.00.

There are at least two users who have designed shirts featuring Adrian, and Perth lawyer John Hammond said that if Adrian decided take action, there was a case to be made.

“You can’t use someone’s image without their permission, and if they haven’t given that permission, and I understand Adrian hasn’t, there’s a case to be made,” he said.

“If Adrian were to get a lawyer, they would contact Redbubble asking them to cease production and we’d certainly be trying to find out who submitted the artwork because it’s a clear breach of intellectual property law.

“You just can’t use someone’s picture for commercial purposes without their consent.”

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