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The new environmentally friendly Bullsbrook recycling centre is now open for business.

The new recycled recyling centre

Local residents now have little excuse for not recycling following last week’s opening of the City Of Swan’s new Bullsbrook recycling centre.

The recycling centre is unique in its own right as it is comprised mostly of recycled material and is a result of a collaboration between city and state governments.

Specifically designed with the environment in mind, all of its roads and hardstands were designed and constructed by city staff and made from recycled road-base material.

The onsite sheds were built from the sheds that previously existed on the property and importantly, the facility is freely available for all City Of Swan residents to use and will be open year round.

The operation provides the local community with an opportunity to use an easily accessible recycling operation which will allow them to recycle waste material and bulk items which may have otherwise been disposed of in landfill.

To complement the centre’s environmentally friendly premise, last week city staff and community volunteers planted nearly 3500 native seedlings at the site.

The seedlings were planted not only to beautify the centre but also for practical purposes, as they will hinder any future erosion and contribute to the protection of the site’s water catchment basin.

City of Swan Mayor Mick Wainwright said the centre would compliment the city’s ongoing efforts to promote recycling.

“Not only will the centre help to reduce the amount of material being included on verge side bulk collections, it will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and being dumped illegally,” he said.

According to the WA Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson, the issue of waste is an important one for the state government.

He said the WA government is committed to working in partnership with local governments and regional councils in order to reduce the volume of waste disposed of in landfill and to increase recycling rates through initiatives such as the Bullsbrook recycling centre.

For more information about the city’s sustainability initiatives and the recycling centre’s hours and location, go to www.swan.wa.gov.au.

By Andrew Carter

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I live locally in Ellenbrook and have now lived there for well over a decade. I’m a passionate and conscientious journalist and I enjoy using my colourful, lively style of writing to hopefully paint a verbal picture. I am environmentally minded and believe that it’s our responsibility in the media to report accurately, help make a difference to the community and if necessary to hold businesses, governments and individuals to account for their actions. I very much aspire to the Christiane Amanpour style of journalism of being truthful not neutral.

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  1. I used this facility today and I was pleasantly surprised. However It will not be a benefit for those who have no way of getting their waste out to Bullsbrook.

    I still believe skip bins are a much better idea than verge collections.

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