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Dione Bilick, the first woman to be surveyor general in WA, has been instrumental in putting plans and survey information online. Picture: ANITA McINNES

New surveyor boss an innovator

WHEN the state’s new surveyor general Dione Bilick first qualified she took up mine surveying and got to work on surface and underground mines in the Goldfields.

When she and her partner returned to Perth she got a job with the Department of Land Administration, which is now Landgate.

Listening to Ms Bilick it’s not hard to get enthused about property and land information in Western Australia.

The Bassendean resident – the first woman to be appointed to the surveyor general role in Western Australia – said a lot of what Landgate had been doing in recent years involved moving away from a paper-based process to an electronic one.

Ms Bilick said once surveyors went to what was now the customer area but back then used to be called the surveyor’s pit.

In the surveyors’ pit the maps, titles and plans they needed to inspect were held on microfiche.

She said as soon as the microfiche information was converted to PDF and put online the surveyors did not have to travel to Midland every time they needed to check something.

During her time as Landgate’s senior registrations manager Ms Bilick and her team have been working on changes to the processing of plans handed in by licensed surveyors, which used to be a manual process and often took months.

They are introducing a new online system so the time it takes to process surveyors’ plans will be reduced from weeks to days and in some cases minutes.

She said the online process, which was already happening for titles sent in by licensed surveyors streamlined the process for them and developers.

Ms Bilick and her partner have two boys aged 10 and seven and in her spare time she manages her sons’ football and cricket teams.

Lands Minister Rita Saffioti said Ms Bilick was an innovator, reformer and leader, committed to providing excellent service to the licensed surveying profession.

“I am pleased to see someone of her calibre appointed surveyor general,’’ she said.

Ms Saffioti said as one of just 20 people who had held the position since 1829, Ms Bilick would be responsible for overseeing the integrity of Western Australia’s plans and surveys.

She is also a member of the Land Surveyors Licensing Board which ensures the standard of the state’s licensed land surveyors.

“Landgate has a strong team of senior women that includes the chairwoman of its board and chief executive.

“Other statutory officers of the registrar and commissioner of titles have also been filled by their first female appointees, showing the breadth of talent being attracted to work for Landgate.”

By Anita McInnes


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Anita Mcinnes received a highly commended in the 2009 WA Media Awards suburban section for her reporting. Two of her sons were born at Swan District Hospital and for many years she was a partner in a small business, which operated in the Gingin-Muchea-Bullsbrook area. As a mature age student Anita studied journalism at Curtin University before working in Busselton, Dunsborough and Rockingham with West Regionals. She says the best part of her job is meeting eastern suburb residents and visiting the many attractions in the area.

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