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Newlyweds left disenchanted

MORE than six months after their wedding day a Stratton couple are still waiting for a wedding photographer to deliver images from their special day.

Consumer Protection is warning people planning weddings and special events to avoid using Perth photographer and videographer Amir Mohammad, who trades as Enchanted Films.

Donna and Daniel Schofield paid the company $6300 upfront for a full day package including photography, videography, a high definition drone and a wedding display album.

“After nine years, we married on November 28, 2015,” she said.

“We had a beautiful ceremony at the Wanneroo Botanical Gardens and afterwards celebrated with guests at the Breakwater at Hillarys Boat Harbor.”

Mrs Schofield said everything seemed to go perfect on the day, other than a drone malfunction.

“After several weeks we hadn’t received any teaser video footage of the day as promised,” she said.

“We then stumbled on accusations circulating on social media regarding Enchanted Films, which began our questioning.

“After months of intermittent correspondence, excuses and lies we are now at six and a half months’ post wedding and still no completed product.”

Mrs Schofield said she was considering taking legal action.

“Enchanted Films’ Como shop has been vacated so I went to their new premises in Mariginiup and had all our raw footage copied onto a hard drive supplied by us which was another $150 out of our pocket.”

Mrs Schofield said since copying her raw footage Mr Mohammed had ignored all calls and messages.

The couple have joined a private Facebook group titled “Action against Enchanted Films” where they have found many couples experiencing the same problem.

“No couple should ever have to experience such a vile act from a vendor,” she said.

“The communication from Amir has been extremely poor and we would never recommend him or his company to any bride we come across in the future.

“The stress and anxiety this has caused is just indescribable.”

Consumer Protection said 15 customers of Mr Mohammad had lodged complaints against the photographer for failing to deliver images within a reasonable time as required by Australian Consumer Law.

Customers had waited up to 18 months longer than expected to receive photos and video of their wedding. Some feared that they may never get them at all.

Mr Mohammad told Consumer Protection he had 40 outstanding orders to fill but continued to accept new work.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said Mr Mohammad had refused to cooperate to resolve the complaints.

“Our concern is Mr Mohammad and Enchanted Films continue to accept work, potentially putting others at risk of being in the same situation of waiting far too long for their photos and video products, or not receiving them at all,” he said.

In the past year, 55 consumers have lodged complaints with Consumer Protection about wedding and special events photographers.

Mr Hillyard said resolving these complaints was problematic.

“Offering a refund is not an acceptable outcome in most of these cases,” he said.

“Consumers really want the images of their special event which they can’t recreate, many consumers feel compelled to put up with this poor service as they see the only acceptable resolution to their complaint is to get what they paid for.”


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