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Aqua Pump and Irrigation manager Bruce McKay reported messy charity bins to the lShire of Mundaring. Picture: LIAM DUCEY

No winners in bin removal

MESSY charity bins may be unsightly for local businesses, but the real cost of removing them is felt by the environment and community members doing the right thing.

Four out of six misused charity bins on Orchard Avenue in Midvale were removed this week after several complaints by local business manager Bruce McKay.

Mr McKay requested the Shire of Mundaring remove the bins on February 12 and said there should be a better solution to police illegal dumping.

“I believe in charity bins and use them myself,” he said.

“These people need prosecuting who dump rubbish but no department will take it on board, it falls on people like me to report them and push the issue.”

He reported them to the authorities but as he could not identify their faces, said the report hit a dead end.

“These people came back to dump more rubbish so we took it upon ourselves to tell the offenders to take their rubbish elsewhere,” he said.

“Luckily they did but it’s not our responsibility.”

The Shire of Mundaring said no permission was granted for the bins to be placed in the current location and had requested the organisations remove the bins.

As of Wednesday, two Good Sammys bins and two World of Eco bins were removed but two bins without ownership or identification remained.

Good Sammys divisional manager of operational services Debbie Cameron said bins were placed where there was a perceived need in the community but could not comment on approvals for the location of these bins in particular.

“We provide opportunities to recycle textiles, if it doesn’t go into charity bins it goes to landfill and it’s unfortunate that a very small proportion of the population cause problems for people doing the right thing,” she said.

“For every bin we remove it costs the community.

“We provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities who in turn receive services from our organisation.

“Every donation bin out in the community helps provide those opportunities.”

The two remaining bins without identification will be removed by the Shire in the coming days.

By Claire Ottaviano

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