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Wine maker Duncan Harris in his Baskerville vineyard. Picture: ANITA McINNES

Organic wines prove themselves

BASKERVILLE wine maker Duncan Harris won silver medals for two of his organic fortified wines and a bronze medal for his shiraz at the 2017 Swan Valley Wine Show.

Mr Harris said his fortified wines were the only certified organic fortified wines made in Australia.

He has the only certified organic brandy stills in the country and the brandy spirit he produces is used to produce his fortified wines.

The wines he enters in the wine show compete against all the wines made in the Swan Valley.

All his wines are sold at his cellar door or online mail order as he does not make enough to supply the chain stores.

He started Harris Organic wines in 1998 and established his vineyard using sustainable viticultural practices.

Along with his concern for the environment, he wanted to make authentic wines – true to their variety and natural environment.

He said the happy side-effect of this was that he was making organic wines.

There was a small enthusiastic following for these wines and to confer confidence in his customers, the vineyard and winery became certified organic in 2006.

He believes organic was the best way to go in any food operation, not only from the point of view of human health, but just as importantly the health of the environment and so sustainable production practices.

“It is important that our customers get the assurance from an independent certifying body about the lack of herbicide and pesticide residues, and validation as well as the quality of our organic wine” he said.

“Although the vineyard and winery is small, the organics movement itself is part of a larger world-wide realisation that we have to become conscious consumers – to give something back to the environment.

“Informed consumers want to know what is going into their goods and foods, and the reassurance that production has not been harmful to the environment – and more power to them.’’

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