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Paddington 2 the paw-fect sequel

Tracey Fox

5 Stars


Feeling a little down?

Tired of all the rudeness and hectic horribleness that seems to be endlessly circling us all?

Well, you are in luck, because the jolly good people who blessed us with the world’s most polite talking bear Paddington (2014) have an all new delightful adventure jam-packed with goodness!

After managing to survive the clutches of a nasty Nicole Kidman in the original, Paddington has now settled down into London life with his new family the Browns, and has won the hearts of almost all his neighbours.

His beloved Aunt Lucy back in Peru is turning 100, and that is a big thing for a bear, so Paddington really wants to give her something special to celebrate.

When he comes across an antique pop-up book of London in Mr Gruber’s (Jim Broadbent) antique shop, he sets out to earn the coin to buy it for her the good old fashioned and honest way by cleaning windows and doing odd jobs.

Just as he has almost saved up enough, a reprehensible character snatches it up in the night, and Paddington tries desperately to retrieve it, only to be mistaken as the thief and thrown in the Portobello Prison for 10 years.

Don’t fret, with his wholesome charms and paw-fectly positive outlook Paddington manages to soften the hardest of hearts with a big dollop of marmalade jam to help along the way.

Of course, the family is devastated to lose their beloved bear and try desperately to unravel the clues to discover the true culprit and give Paddington back his good name.

Parents, this is the one movie you should definitely take the kids to go see.

It is wholesome, and sweet (but not sickenly-so) with a message of tolerance and togetherness that we could all do with a dose off.

With an array of cameo actors to put a Muppet movie to shame, they have pulled together a cracking cast to surprise and amuse, including veteran Hugh Grant who plays a perfectly foppish facsimile of his aging actor self who does look quite striking dressed in drag as a nun.

The animation of Paddington has only gotten better with the technology at hand, and the animation sequences sprinkled throughout the film are like sparkling Jewels and another reason to treasure such a delightful film.

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