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Pitt in romantic thriller

Rated M
Starring: Brad Pitt,
Marion Cotillard

3 Stars
SET in the 1940s during the Nazi “troubles”, comes Allied, an elegant and sophisticated war drama that is unmistakably trying to bring back some of the old school glamour from films such as Casablanca.
It does seem to fulfill some of the requirements.
We have the beautiful stars such as Brad Pitt and the glamorous Marion Cotillard to fill the screen with class and style, but at times it can be a little flat and forced.
The story opens to Canadian intelligence officer Max Vatan (Pitt) dropping down in to the dunes of Morocco via parachute, who then trudges along in the sand until he is picked up by a fellow spy and delivered to his assignment.
He is to find his sight-unseen partner, a woman who is posing as his wife (Cotillard) already established as the life of the party, and someone the enemy trusts.
Once they meet, they slowly form a bond as they hatch their scheme to assassinate a Nazi big wig at a party they need to infiltrate.
Of course, there is a bit of time getting to know and trust one another, but eventually they succumb to their feelings for each other, and go shoot the bad guys, and manage to run away with their lives intact.
Their connection is strong, and they leave for England, get married, fall pregnant and even give birth amid the air raids and bombings to bring a lovely young daughter into the world.
Life seems perfect for these three, Max still works for the government, while his wife brings up their baby girl Anna in their quaint little town house.
But nothing is quite what it seems.
When Max is brought in and informed his beautiful wife might be a Nazi informant, his whole world falls apart.
He has 72 hours to prove his adoring wife and mother of his child is the woman he always thought she was, and ends up running about trying to get some proof of her innocence.
Director Robert Zemeckis is best known for his films Cast Away and the witty Death Becomes Her, and is known to be somewhat of a perfectionist.
The visuals are stunning, even a little too perfect at times, using computer generation to smooth over any rough spots.
But at times, even though both major actors are incredibly gifted and talented, the chemistry between them feels forged, and hard to connect with.
It feels like an old classic movie, but with that new car smell, something is just a little bit off.
If you are an old romantic (like myself) the ending will leave you a bit wounded, everyone else might be left wondering if maybe they could have left the film with a bit more of an upbeat finish.
To end, Allied is a spy drama with a heavy lean on a romantic story that takes you on a journey of love, lust and trust, and definitely leaves you glad you aren’t living in a war torn world where it would be hard to be sure you can trust anyone, even those closest to you.

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