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Constables Ryan Petrie and Dwayne Hohnke present Rex Hughes with a new guitar.

Police gift cheers Rex

MIDLAND police constables Ryan Petrie and Dwayne Hohnke brought a smile back to the face of Indigenous community elder Rex Hughes when they presented him with a new Valencia guitar outside the Dreambuilder low cost supermarket and op shop in Midland on Thursday August 24.

Mr Hughes was extremely distressed when his prized guitar was smashed during an incident that saw him spend a day in hospital as a result of his injuries.

Dreambuilder manager Ursula Dixon alerted police and the Salvation Army to Mr Hughes’ plight, and Midland police quickly chipped in to buy a new guitar.

The team effort to source the guitar continued when Midland Salvation Army store manager Jenni Westcott emailed all of their Perth stores seeking a suitable replacement guitar, with Tina Ibbitson of the Wanneroo Salvation Army store responding in the affirmative.

In his own time, Constable Petrie drove out to the Salvo’s
Wanneroo branch to pick up the guitar in return for a small

According to the constable it was a minor sacrifice that he was only too willing to make as he said Mr Hughes often makes their job so much easier.

“Rex is a good and calming influence on his group of friends when they are able to get together and have a bit of a jam and singalong with him so it’s important that we found him a new guitar,” Mr Petrie said.

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