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The potential for a Bad Girl in all of us


3.5 stars

Rated MA15+

FILMED entirely in Western Australia, namely the Swan Valley, Kalamunda and Serpentine comes a new dark thriller with some twists.

Bad Girl follows the storyline of two young Australian girls who both have shady back grounds, that will leave you questioning what exactly is a bad girl?

Is it the adopted teen Amy Anderson (Sara West), freshly released from prison for destroying her new parents’ home after a drug fuelled party really so bad?

Or is she just a misunderstood lost little girl who can’t seem to get her life together?

When she is introduced to the neighbourhood good-girl Chloe (Samara Weaving) Amy’s parents are just so pleased she has found a friend to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Doting, long suffering parents Michelle and Peter own a building company and have just moved into their display home in the sleepy country town of Serpentine, which they hope to sell to prospective clients, along with the whole happy family shtick at the same time.

As the girls start hanging around together, they seem to get close very quickly.

When Chloe learns that Amy is adopted, she miraculously discovers the birth parents for her on an online site and convinces Amy to meet them.

Desperate for the love of her true family, Amy agrees, but then things start to get a little odd.

The relationship turns ugly, and even a bit sexual, where it seems both girls are confused and a tad curious and experimental.

From this point I will not comment further, as the twists and turns get ever so dark, and a wee bit bloody, as secrets are revealed, and trust is shattered.

The tale isn’t so new that you can’t see what is coming a few minutes before it happens, but it is a story that begs the question: are we formed from purely nature, or nurture?

Is a person born to be bad or do they become bad during their experiences growing up?

Samara Weaving (Home and Away) really pulls the movie along as she starts out being all sweet and innocence, and truly shines as an actress as she dissolves into a less-than-innocent creature.

The film took only a matter of four weeks to complete in 2016, and has been met with acclaim.

Although only enjoying a limited run at Luna Palace Cinemas from April 27, I would recommend a trip into the city to support and enjoy something locally made. After all, there is the potential for a bad girl in all of us.

There will be a special question and answer session with the film’s writer and director Fin Edquist on April 28 at 6.30 pm at Luna Palace Cinemas in Leederville for more information go to: http://tinyurl.com/lmwb63g

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