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This Glen Forrest home sold within about four weeks of going on the market.

Quick sales turnover in Perth Hills

GLEN Forrest and Helena Valley are among Perth’s top 10 suburbs selling property faster now than during the “boom” according to recent figures from REIWA.

In the year to January 2014, the average amount of days it took to sell a property in Glen Forrest was 75.

The average Helena Valley property would take 64 days to sell but were now being snapped up in about 59 days.

Brookwood Realty agent Ross Webster said he recently sold a beautiful four-bedroom, three bathroom Queenslander home in Glen Forrest within about four weeks of putting it on the market.

“Glen Forrest was considered the “ugly duckling” next to Darlington, but in recent times has surged ahead in sales with some wonderful properties on the market,” he said.

Other suburbs selling more quickly included Dalkeith, Leederville, Claremont, Coogee, North Beach, Mount Lawley, Churchlands and Rossmoyne.

REIWA president Hayden Groves said it was easy to get caught up in general Perth market talk, but it was important to look deeper to see how individual suburbs were performing.

“Reiwa.com analysis shows Perth’s average selling day figure is currently 66 days, which is notably higher than in 2013 when it took on average 41 days to sell a property,” he said.

“However, if we dig a little deeper and look at average selling days at a suburb level, there are numerous areas of Perth selling significantly quicker now than they did in the boom.

“Rossmoyne experienced the biggest improvement in average selling days, with reiwa.com data revealing it is now 22 days quicker to sell in the area than it was in the year to January 2014.

“Churchlands, Glen Forrest and Dalkeith are also experiencing faster selling times, with each suburb improving by 15 days in the year to January 2017 compared to the year to January 2014.

The median house price in Glen Forrest is $534,000 and $557,000 in Helena Valley as recently reported by REIWA.

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