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Ralph Breaks the Internet

Tracey Fox 

4 Stars

RALPH is back again, and up to his wrecking ways, but instead of smashing up old arcade games, he and his little friend Vanellope von Schweetz are desperate to find a broken part for her beloved game Sugar Rush.

If you remember the first film, these two knuckleheads got into all kinds of mischief eventually teaming up to save the Litwak’s arcade world from giant destructive bugs.

Now their world is safe, life is just perfect until the Sugar Rush game controller gets broken and the threat of the plug being pulled forever sends our buddies into the cyber-world to find a new part.

The film does come across as one gigantic advertisement for everything online, from Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, but they use all these well-known symbols cleverly to create a world that is instantly recognisable and relatable.

All the original characters are back, including John C. Reily, Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch, and we have the addition of a few new characters.

One in particular is a smooth and savvy Gal Gadot who plays Shank, a beautiful but streetwise gang leader who can out-drift any would-be race driver.

And Taraji P. Henson, who plays a trend making algorithm called Yesss in the fictional site of BuzzzTube.

At times the movie does seem to drag a tiny bit, but the next pun or dad joke is just around the corner to bring things back up to speed.

And now that Disney owns just about everything, there are a hefty amount of cameos to enjoy, including a particularly amusing scene with every Disney princess ever and their nod to female empowerment.

In the end, the creators must be admired for taking the film to the darker places that can pull at the heart strings, and don’t shy away from dusting off the sugarcoating and showing that even serious fiction can tell us a lot about reality.

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