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Senior Sergeant Jason Longhorn, Officer in Charge of Midland.

Restructure turns pebbles into boulders for police

A WA Police restructure will see Midland Police go back to the future, with more officers covering less ground and a renewed focus on local issues, according to Officer In Charge Senior Sergeant Jason Longhorn.

The restructure, announced by Police Commissioner Chris Dawson last month saw the number of police districts in the Perth metropolitan area increased from just four to eight.

This change, which will come into effect on July 16, will see the Central Metropolitan District split in two with the creation of the Perth and Midland Police Districts.

Midland will extend from Kiara through to Ellenbrook, and Midland OIC Snr Sgt Longhorn said that while residents may not initially notice a change, the restructure will see a return to community policing with a focus on local crime.

“We’ve got 47 staff at the moment and that’s going to increase to more than 80, and they’ll all be servicing the Midland subdistrict,” he said.

“What that means is those officers will be invested in the local area, be focused on Midland issues.

“We’re hoping that the average local resident won’t notice any change initially, when they call police we will attend. 

“What we’re hoping is that the officers will be more invested, they’re local officers dealing with a local issue so we’ll work to resolve issues, because if we don’t we’ll have to come back at another time. 

“There’s jobs and houses that we’re continually going to, so we want to resolve those issues.”

Snr Sgt Longhorn said the restructure gave him more control and was an improved policing model.

“If there was an issue before I could throw pebbles at it, now effectively I have the resources to throw boulders at the problems.

“We’ve got more capacity to solve issues with more than 80 staff, so we can have a real community focus and get more done locally.”

By Liam Ducey

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