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Shire of Mundaring objects to aircraft noise

MUNDARING Shire staff are recommending councillors support the Perth Airport major development plan, despite highlighting noise concerns. 

An administrative report, including a letter in support of the new runway and development plan, will be presented at Tuesday’s council meeting for consideration.

The report found that although the project would have an overall positive impact on the community, administration objected to noise impacts on residents.

“It is recommended that where the project would result in residents being affected by louder/more frequent aircraft noise than they are currently experiencing, Perth Airport be required to provide appropriate mitigation of these impacts,” the report said.

Two noise measurement methods conflicted with administration’s decision.

Under the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF), a planning tool to dictate land use and housing density in the airport flight path, the number of resident’s exposed to aircraft noise would decrease overall.

When measured against noise decibels (N65), residents in Swan View, Midvale, Greenmount, Boya, Darlington and Helena Valley would experience more noise events 65dB or more.

According to WorkSafe WA, a normal conversation measures at 60dB.

“Therefore, depending on the metric used, the project is anticipated to have both less (ANEF) and more (N65) noise impact on Shire residents,” the report said.

“This results in a difficult situation for the Shire in that the contraction of the ANEF is supported but the N65 expansion is not – and both results arise from the same Project.”

The report recommends objecting to the increase of louder or more frequent noise than is currently experienced and suggest Perth Airport be required to subsidise mitigation measures for those exposed.

The report also includes community concerns about a new flight path over Helena Valley, Boya, Darlington, Glen Forrest and Mundaring but said the flight path is expected to be used “infrequently” with less than 10 events per day.

The report will be up for discussion by councillors at the Shire of Mundaring council meeting, Tuesday, August 14, 6.30pm in Council Chambers.

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  1. The noise levels being quoted in this article caught my attention. At 65db the aircraft would have to be quite small because often aircraft going over my home kill outside conversation.

    What I don’t understand is why the authorities don’t take this opportunity to relocate the airport and use Guildford for light aircraft or freight. With light rail going to Ellenbrook there is an opportunity to relocate to the north and also the Midland – Geraldton line could be utilised.

    When one looks at what changes are planned I shudder to think what pain travelers during that time will have to endure this time around.

    The other question is, does Perth Airport really need a 3rd runway or is it covering inefficiencies. I read recently that Denpasar has more aircraft movements per day than Perth, and it has only one runway.

    Will it take WA as long to build another airport as it did NSW to proceed with Badgery’s Creek Airport?

  2. I really don’t understand why the “powers” don’t just build a new airport north of Perth. The rail is being extended to Ellenbrook, the Geraldton rail line could also be used. It’s going to happen sooner or later, why not sooner. Imagine all the benefits.
    The current airport is a conglomeration of half baked ideas, learn from progressive countries.

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