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Survey to assess shire’s priorities

ABOUT 400 Shire of Mundaring residents will be randomly selected from all over the shire and invited to take part in the council’s biennial community perceptions survey over the next few weeks.

The anonymous survey is designed to help the shire understand the real needs of its residents and ratepayers rather than just the needs of the people or groups who make the most noise.

An independent consultant will conduct the phone survey which will provide valuable insight into how the shire is performing in relation to its strategic community plan.

Mundaring Residents and Ratepayers Association secretary Tom Burbidge said the association welcomed the initiative.

“The association would like to thank the shire for listening to the community’s comments and feedback,” he said.

“We now have Mundaring Arena, an indoor sporting complex, as a result of the shire consulting with the community and responding to the feedback from the community’s residents.”

Shire President David Lavell said he encouraged all those contacted to take the opportunity to have their say.

“Often we tend to hear from the more vocal members of our community,” Cr Lavell said. “But the process associated with the community perceptions survey means we will get to hear from a broad cross-section of residents who perhaps are less likely to voice their opinion.”

The survey will span a wide range of topics including current services and facilities and it will also address how successful the shire’s efforts are in catering for the needs of specific demographics such as seniors, youth and people with disabilities.

Cr Lavell said the community’s participation in the survey would allow for a collaborative approach towards identifying future key priorities.

“The shire’s community perception survey will provide valuable insight into the needs, desires and interests of its ratepayers as well as track how well we are meeting those expectations.”

The results of the survey will be available to the public in early December 2017 and will be accessible via the shire’s website and social media.

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