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Councillor Adam Kovalevs in the City of Swan council chambers from where the December 12 meeting was livestreamed.

Swan’s first successful livestream

COUNCILLORS were debating a motion about fast tracking the City of Swan’s financial commitment to a planned leisure centre in Ellenbrook when Echo News went online to check out the council’s new livestreaming service on Wednesday evening.

After an audio glitch last week when the council attempted its first livestreaming of an agenda forum the service, apart from a few seconds when it dropped out, was fine for the time Echo News was tuned in.

When the audio failed on December 5 some viewers ridiculed the city and the livestreaming service on social media, which overshadowed the 95 hits on the livestream service.

City of Swan chief executive officer Mike Foley said the system was operating perfectly when tested prior to the agenda forum, but city staff quickly noticed the problem when the meeting started.

On Wednesday afternoon before the general meeting Mr Foley said the cause of the lack of audio on the livestream had been identified.

“The audio settings were not adjusted correctly and the volume was set too low,’’ he said. 

“This was not picked up during testing, as the volume was tested with people speaking closely into the microphones, when in reality at the agenda forum, councillors spoke further away from the microphone. 

“The audio settings have now been adjusted so that the volume will come through louder on the live streaming.’’

The livestreaming service might require councillors to modify some of their habits as things like councillor David McDonnell’s use of thumping the desk to emphasise his point could prove to be rather jarring.

By Anita McInnes

About Anita

Anita Mcinnes received a highly commended in the 2009 WA Media Awards suburban section for her reporting. Two of her sons were born at Swan District Hospital and for many years she was a partner in a small business, which operated in the Gingin-Muchea-Bullsbrook area. As a mature age student Anita studied journalism at Curtin University before working in Busselton, Dunsborough and Rockingham with West Regionals. She says the best part of her job is meeting eastern suburb residents and visiting the many attractions in the area.


  1. Hardly successful when on first attempt Audio was a total fail, and on second attempt only marginally better particularly considering I, and others, had device volume at 100% and audio was still verging on incoherent. The other issue was data loss. Constantly while I watched this week vision and audio was lost periodically.
    An amateurish attempt in my opinion and only token testing done.

  2. The volume was too low last night as well. Highest volume setting on my PC and I could hardly hear most of it. They should turn there volume up to high, that’s why devices have adjustable volumes. The video was freezing as well. Hopeless t was.

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