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Leon Reed would love to still be playing on Midland Oval, with the Midland Tigers struggling financially and socially at their new home as they enter their 121st year.

Tiger’s claws dulled by move away from oval

THE Midland Tigers haven’t played on Midland oval in over 20 years but their decision to move from their home ground has hurt them, according to President Ian Boot and committee member Leon Reed.

Mr Reed, a veteran player and committee member who played his junior and part of his senior football on Midland Oval, gave an impassioned deputation at Monday’s Special Elector’s Meeting.

“Does anyone know where we live?” he asked.

“Middle Swan, way out the back here, you couldn’t find us if you tried.

“We’ve had whole teams go missing.

“We’re 121 years old this year, 121 years old.

“We folded for World War I, we folded the second time for World War II, we folded the third time for economic strategies this mob put in for us to fail.

“We were willing to give it a go, to move away from Midland Oval, and now nobody knows where we are.”

Speaking after the meeting, Tigers president Mr Boot said that while he realised you can’t stop progress, since their move the club had struggled financially and socially.

He added there was a need for any development to recognise the rich sporting history of Midland oval.

“From a club perspective, you can’t hold back progress.

“When we first left we were disadvantaged, we’ve struggled to keep the doors open three or four times and one year we didn’t play football at all.

“At the least we’d like to see Midland Football Club remembered as an integral part of the Midland area.

“Our people would like to go back to Midland Oval but I can’t see it happening.

“I would say if we stayed at Midland Oval, we would roughly be in the same position but at the same time, Midland Oval is more accessible, and it’s history and tradition for us, that’s the principle thing, Midland Oval is tradition, it’s part of the club’s heritage.

“We’d be hurt if there’s no acknowledgement of the time the club has spent on that oval.”

City CEO Mike Foley said the City was not aware of any sustainability issues at the Tiger’s home ground, North Swan Park Pavilion and that the historic importance of Midland Oval was strongly acknowledged in the plan for New Junction.

However the City did not clarify if that historic importance specifically acknowledged the Midland Tigers.

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  1. “… the historic importance of Midland Oval was strongly acknowledged in the plan for New Junction.” really, please tell us where to find it and in which version of the proposal.

    More propaganda.

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