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Susan James and Bill Frost with Frosty the tin man. Picture CLAIRE OTTAVIANO

Tin man pays tribute to Anzacs

FROSTY the friendly neighbourhood tin man got into the Anzac spirit this week.

The Frost family’s homemade tin creation is quickly becoming a local icon on Stoneville Road, gaining attention for his special occasion costumes.

 “The very first Christmas we were here (on Stoneville Road) we put a Santa hat on his head and then the Parkerville fires happened two weeks later,” Susan James (Frost) said.

“Mum put a sign up that said ‘thank you Firies, I’m still here’, and from then it grew.”

Frosty is a treasured family member, made by Geoff Frost, Evelyn and Bill Frost’s son, in 1988.

Although he has been a part of the family for many years, he started gaining popularity when the family moved to Stoneville Road from a cul-de-sac street four years ago. 

Susan’s mother Evelyn Frost said the whole family had fun dressing him up for special days since then.

“We’ve had a lot of notes in the mail and a lot of drawings from kids,” she said.

“On the way to school they’ll wave to him and mums will toot the horn. 

“People have just enjoyed it, appreciated it.”

Bill Frost said Frosty was having an unexpected effect on the community.

“Somebody dropped us a note in the letterbox that said, the person was depressed but every day she passed here it lit up her day and we thought, well okay let’s follow this through,” he said.

Frosty even has his own dressing room to keep all his costumes.

“I like the fact we can put up what we believe in, we try to go back to the roots of things, Christmas and Good Friday messages,” Mrs Frost said.

“But the Valentine’s one is great, and so is the ‘thank you to all my fans’ dress up, people enjoy them all, so we like all of them.”

The Frosty the Tin Man Facebook page has helped his outreach efforts, with 865 followers and comments registered all the way from the United Kingdom.

By Claire Ottaviano

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