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Tomatoes put to the taste test

TOMATO growers will have the chance to vie for the “Best Tasting Tomato” award in a competition being run this month by The Green Life Soil Co in Midvale.

Owner Linda Mitchener said she wanted to encourage people to try growing their own food.

“Fresh, home grown produce really does taste terrific, and we are trying to show people that it isn’t that hard to start, even if they’ve never had a garden before,” she said.

“Tomatoes are one of the most popular crops for home gardeners, and people take great pride in sharing their flavoursome harvest with friends and family.

“We want to encourage that and turn it into a challenge.

“There will be prizes for the best tasting tomato, but also for novelty categories like the largest and smallest fruit, or the most unusually shaped tomato.

“The competition is a bit of fun and certificates will be awarded so you can show off to your friends and family.”

The tomato contest is open to all tomato growers including individuals and community groups. Entry is by gold coin donation which will go to charity, and judging will be anonymous. Entries must be delivered to The Green Life Soil Co by 4pm on Sunday, January 31

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