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Shalom House founder Peter Lyndon-James says SAT win is a victory.

Tribunal backs Shalom House

SHALOM House has claimed a victory in its fight with the City of Swan, with the State Administrative Tribunal ruling in favour of the drug rehabilitation facility.

In September last year, the Supreme Court sent the zoning battle back to the SAT and over the weekend, SAT ruled the City of Swan should reconsider its original decision.

In 2015, the City denied Shalom House development approval for its drug rehabilitation facility on Park Street in Henley Brook.

The City has consistently maintained Shalom House was zoned as a residential property, while the facility claimed that as a “community purpose” its activities were allowable under the Local Planning Scheme 17.

Last Friday the SAT found in favour of Shalom House’s argument, and ordered the City of Swan to reconsider its decision.

While Shalom House boss Peter Lyndon-James, who is also a City of Swan councillor, claimed the decision as a victory and said he hoped the City would be open to working with Shalom House.

“We are  happy and excited about the outcome.” he said.

 “From here, we ask the public to hold the City accountable, to watch how our case is handled and put pressure on their local representatives to do the right thing. 

“Communication is key and that’s what we’re asking for. 

“We ask the City to work with us in restoring the lives of men and families in our community. 

“We ask the City to take a different approach to this matter, other than let the courts decide. 

“The key to change is communication, courts should be the last resort.”

City of Swan chief executive officer Mike Foley said the City was in the process of reviewing the decision handed down by SAT.

“The City will be invited to reconsider the matter on its merits and it will be presented to Council for a decision in due course,” he said.

By Liam Ducey

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