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Trolls: treacle sweet fun

3 1/2 stars


Tracey fox


Starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick


LET’S face it, some movies are made just because someone ponied up the dough, hoping for some sweet fast cash when the children of the 80’s drag their kids to a flick about a hairy doll nearly everyone had, if only as a pencil topper.

I had no expectations that the film Trolls was going to ever be a master piece, so I was happily surprised that even though it is corn syrup candy and fairy floss; it also wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Sure, there are stretches that will amuse or annoy, take for example the glitter trolls who will joyfully blast glitter out of their backsides into your face, and don’t be deceived this is a musical, so prepare for plenty of tunes while swinging through felt-like jungles.

The ugly troll dolls of the past have been given a neon upgrade and shiny new features that are unabashedly aimed at the small cinema going public.

Made by DreamWorks Animation (the same people who made Shrek) Trolls is a tale of how to find happiness in a world where some big ugly troll-like creatures called the Bergens can only find happiness by eating the happiest creatures of the forest: the trolls.

Now we all know eating people is bad, but these Bergens are just not very nice, and the head chef takes much joy in creating fabulous feasts for the Bergen royal family, a la Troll du jour.

But when the trolls escape just before the Bergen’s holiday Trollstice, the wicked chef is banished from the kingdom, and the happy little trolls groove onto to a better place, safe from the menacing munchies of the Bergans.

Alas, their happiness must be expressed constantly by way of singing and dancing and holding massive parties that draw attention to them once more.

Poppy (Anna Kendrick) the daughter of the troll king must join forces with a particularly glum little troll called Branch (Justin Timberlake) in order to rescue a small bunch of trolls that get snatched up after one rather extravagant party.

Meanwhile, the new king of the Bergens has taken the throne, and bemoans his fate to never know true happiness because he will never be able to chew up a sugar coated troll of joy, boo hoo.

Of course there is a rescue of sorts, a warming of hearts for some of the less chipper trolls and Bergens alike, and a few decades worth of pop culture music to guide us along the way.

It isn’t magic by any standard, but cute, sweet and sparkly fun that will get your toes tapping.

Just don’t fill up on candy at the concession stand; this film is so sugar sweet you might walk away with diabetes.


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