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Mark Cartledge was left with serious facial injuries after he was beaten with a metal pole in a road rage incident.

Vicious road rage attack

THE victim of an alleged road rage attack in High Wycombe has spoken of his shock at being attacked for making a simple mistake.

Mark Cartledge was driving home from work last Thursday when he changed lanes without seeing a speeding Toyota Prado.

Despite giving the man a wave to apologise, Mr Cartledge said he could never have expected what happened next.

“He didn’t have to brake, he didn’t have to slow down but he started flashing his lights and beeping his horn at me,” he said.

“I turned right to go home and he was behind me, really close and I could see in his window that he was waving his arm, trying to get me to pull over.

“I was worried for my safety, I turned different corners to what I would normally turn to go home, he followed me in every direction.”

Out of ideas, Mr Cartledge pulled over on Ebney Road to apologise but after opening his door, he was allegedly viciously assaulted before he could exit the car.

He was struck several times to the head with what WA Police described as a short metal pole, leaving the 60-year-old oil and gas worker with a broken cheekbone, a broken eye-socket and severe lacerations to his face.

Mr Cartledge believes people need to have more respect for each other when driving.

“He was yelling out ‘Do you want to die mate?’, I got hit three or four times.”

“I was in shock…you hear this a lot, it’s what the world is coming to.

“These people that get into a bit of road rage and smash other people, it’s just not right and you hear of it now more than anything.

“If you’re in the supermarket and you bump into someone, you don’t beat them up for it.

“We’re all human, we all make mistakes and we’ve all got to share the road.”

Several days after the attack, WA Police charged a 48-year-old High Wycombe man with causing bodily harm and possessing a controlled weapon.

He will appear in Midland Magistrates Court on July 20.

By Liam Ducey

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