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Donna and Paul Kirwan from newsXpress Centerpoint Midland celebrate their fourth winning lotto ticket sold in nine years.

Who is Midland’s $10m ticket holder?

SOMEONE who bought a lotto ticket from newsXpress in Centrepoint Midland is walking around with $10 million in their pocket. 

At the time of publication, the winner of last week’s OZ Lotto jackpot was yet to come forward to claim their life-changing prize.

Newsagent owners Donna and Paul Kirwan said they were no strangers to big wins, selling four winning tickets in the last nine years.

The latest fortune bringing the Midland store’s total to fourteen.

“We turn over a lot of tickets and I think the more tickets you sell the higher your chances of winning,” Mr Kirwan said.

“But it’s great to also say we’re a lucky store, lucky staff maybe.”

Mr Kirwan was coaching his daughter’s basketball team when he received the news.

“It’s exciting to think that, hopefully a regular, loyal customer, has had a life changing win,” he said.

“First, it’s a great feeling to see someone have a life changing win, second, well it might be good for business too but our first thought was ‘imagine if it was a regular customer that would be unreal’.”

The husband and wife team are still holding onto a bottle of champagne for their last winners as they felt it appropriate to wait to share it with the winner.

Most winners in the know take their prize straight to the Lotterywest head office to claim.

The State had a lucky winning streak last month when a $20 million Powerball winner went to a single mother-of-two from WA.

This was followed by a $1.3 million win on Saturday, March 24 and a $1 million winner on March 26.

WA’s tally of Division 1 Lotto winners just three months into this year has reached 16.

By Claire Ottaviano

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