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Hasluck MP Ken Wyatt

Wyatt confident of future despite party upheaval

HASLUCK MP Ken Wyatt is confident his work for his electorate will not be overshadowed by the spill and subsequent dismissal of now-former PM Malcolm Turnbull last week when it comes to the next federal election.

Mr Wyatt described the events of last week as a “terrible experience”, which saw Mr Turnbull survive a spill motion on Tuesday, only to fall to a spill motion on Friday.

The Liberal party were then forced to make a choice between Julie Bishop, Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison, with Mr Morrison ultimately being named Prime Minister.

Through the events of the week Mr Wyatt said he remained loyal to Mr Turnbull until the spill succeeded on Friday.

“On the Tuesday we’d agreed the Prime Minster would continue as Prime Minister, Julie Bishop, who’s a very close and dear friend would continue as the Deputy Leader, I left that party room totally confident we were getting on with government business.

“I heard whispers about a petition but nobody ever approached me and had they approached me I would not have signed it.

“But it did happen eventually, and the Prime Minister ultimately called us together on Friday and again the first motion was a motion to either spill the position or no spill at all and I voted for both Julie and Malcolm to retain their positions but the party room saw a defeat of us who wanted the status quo.”

Mr Wyatt said there was a real sense of anger within the party room, and hinted that, despite reports to the contrary, he had voted for Julie Bishop in the first round of voting.

“All the ballots in the party room are private ballots, they are secret ballots.

“When I did mine I wrote mine and folded it, and put it in the box.

“We didn’t talk about who we voted for, we were talking about the stupidity of the vote occurring.

“There was anger in that room, that we had gone through this again

“[In the first round of voting] I made a vote that was not for either man.”

Now the turmoil has settled, the coalition government has taken a massive hit at the polls, and while Mr Wyatt can understand the anger, he believes his work will not be overshadowed.

“I’m concerned on the basis that Australians do not like upheaval like they saw last week, and in emails I’ve received from my electorate they’ve expressed that.

“What I’ve also seen reflected is Ken, you’ve worked hard as our local member and I’ll continue to vote for you, not your party.

“I’m confident people are placing their trust in the way I work.”

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