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Young artists paint bright future

THE next generation of artists are gearing up to exhibit their work at the Darlington Arts Festival on November 5 and 6.

Darlington Arts Festival Youth Arts Coordinator Megan Fraser said the Youth Art Exhibition supported and encouraged a new generation of artists, and gave them an opportunity to display their artworks in a professional setting.

“This setting, the Mezzanine Gallery at Darlington Hall, was built and funded by local artists in the 1980’s as a unique initiative known as Mezzanine Art,” she said.

“It was created to promote established, as well as new and emerging artists side by side.”

The Darlington artist said the student artworks were judged by professional artists and curators who will award 12 prizes across a range of categories.

“It is unclear how the youth art exhibition started, but it appears it all began some 20 years ago in the home of a local artist, as a one-off initiative,” she said.

“Each year we receive more than 100 entries from high schools around Perth from the ages of 13 to 18.

“To support the students, the festival committee does not charge an entry fee or a commission on works sold.”

Ms Fraser said every year a student who showed the most promising future career in visual arts was awarded the Youth Encouragement Award in honour of Bernadette Pitman-Spring who passed away in 2013.

“Each year the quality of the work is incredible, with many festival attendees remarking that they enjoy the Youth Art part of the exhibition the most,” she said.

“The young artist’s work seems more playful, less inhibited and they are not afraid to use colour.”

Ms Fraser said the public would also be able to vote for their favourite artwork.

“Over the weekend, volunteers take votes for a People’s Choice Award sponsored by Mundaring Bicentennial Scholarship Trust so be sure to place a vote for your favourite youth art piece over the festival weekend.”


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