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You’re tearing me apart Franco

The Disaster Artist

Tracey Fox

4 stars


I don’t think anyone would argue with me when I say Hollywood is a weird place, where strange and bizarre things happen regularly.

There are a plenty of really bad movies made every day, but there is one movie in particular that is universally considered the worst movie of all time, and it is called The Room.

Back in 2003 a very odd man by the name of Tommy Wiseau, with questionable fashion sense and an indefinable accent, gifted the world a strange movie that he financed himself.

Desperate to become a movie star he wrote a script about an all-American hero who suffers betrayal from both his friends and his lover and ultimately takes his own life.

Dubbed as the Citizen Kane of bad movies, at a personal cost of around six million dollars, Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, produced and starred in what has become a cult sensation that even to this day has fans flocking to late night viewings dressed to the nines and flinging spoons at the screen.

James Franco came across the book written about the experience of making the film by the other star of the movie, Wiseau’s friend and housemate Greg Sestero, and just had to make a movie of his own.

The Disaster Artist is a quasi-mockumentary following the lives of these two oddities and their climb to the top of the pile with Franco playing the lead role of Wiseau and his brother Dave Franco playing the part of Greg.

Franco managed to capture Wiseau’s character to perfection, slurring and fumbling with his football in his tuxedo.

Even if you have never seen the original film, The Disaster Artist is a wonderful glimpse into the weird and wacky world of the film industry, aside from the fact it is certainly not the norm.

It does go to prove that money can really get you anything, even if you have zero talent, look like a dehydrated vampire with a belt fixation and can barely speak a sentence of true English.

The Disaster Artist is a very well-made film about one of the worst films ever made, with plenty of laughs, and a bunch of cameos from big named actors who must have loved being a part of sending it up majestically.

Dreams really can come true, when you believe in yourself and have an endless bank account.

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