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Army veteran Di Ryder will stand tall at the end of her driveway on Saturday to acknowledge the contributions of Australia’s war veterans.

An Anzac Day like no other

By Claire Ottaviano

AUSTRALIAN Army Veteran and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans and Services Association president Di Ryder will light a candle and lead a small driveway Dawn Service this weekend.

The Stratton resident and NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient said the driveway event gave families a chance to take part in the early-hours Anzac Day celebrations together from the comfort of their own homes.

“The driveway services give people an opportunity to be out there and acknowledge the contributions of our veterans,” she said.

“Sometimes, especially during the Dawn Services and early mornings, it’s hard to take kids, grandkids along to the services, but this year you can stand at your driveway and listen to the Last Post and the Ode on the radio as a family.

“I’ll have the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans and Services flag up, I’ll have candles lit and the radio playing the service.

“If it means we can acknowledge our veterans, then this is the way we do it in our current health crisis.”

As well as the sounds of the Last Post playing around the suburbs on the radio, you may be surprised to hear it played on a variety of instruments.

Husband and wife musicians Peter and Marilyn Hind will be playing on the bugle and French horn respectively, but from different locations.

Mr Hind is taking the bugle call to the Hugo Throssell Memorial on Great Eastern Highway and Mrs Hind will do the honour of representing the household at the end of their driveway.

Both are former Army Reserve Band members and Mr Hind has played the Last Post on his bugle at the Blackboy Hill Anzac Day service for the past seven years.

“Because we’re not allowed to gather officially I thought about where else could I go,” he said.

“I decided the Hugo Throssell memorial because he was the only Light Horseman in World War I to get the Victoria Cross and he can often be forgotten and I wanted to go and do something a little bit different.”

Also a brass instrument music teacher Mr Hind has students all over the Perth Hills who will also be taking up the call.

“I’ve seen copies of the Last Post, in every conceivable instrument you could think of, including the ukulele, the bassoon and flute,” he said.

“It’s going to be an Anzac Day like this country has never seen.”

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