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Family pets Ghandi and Miu Miu cool off at Brown Park evacuation centre in Swan Swan.

Animal donations overwhelm

By Melissa Sheil 

OFFERS to assist and donate items to help native and domestic animals affected by the Wooroloo fire have flooded in over recent days, with animal support agencies saying they appreciate the compassion but are currently overwhelmed.

Emergency Animal Support Evacuation Western Australia (EASE WA) organiser Dusty Murray-Whelan said volunteers were prioritising rescue and evacuation but donations could be made externally.

“We can see that a lot of people want to help and that’s wonderful,” she said.

“One way to help is to call Herne Hill stockfeeders, pay for the item you would like to donate and they will go through Government channels to make sure it gets where it needs to be.

On Monday, rural residents were scrambling to evacuate horses.

Many found temporary lodging at the State Equestrian Centre, until later that evening it too came under threat.

“We had 60 horses, 20 dogs, two cats and a boat on site until they were moved to Magic Millions,” Equestrian WA marketing coordinator Lisa Schwinghammer said.

“We’re very grateful for the numerous bales of hay donated from EASE WA.”

Perth Wildlife Rescue Network director Rachael Kimber said there was not much that could be done for native wildlife while the fire was still active.

“It’s just a waiting game right now as it takes a couple of days after a fire to conduct a ‘black walk’ through the area and pick up any animals that need help,” she said.

“The best thing you can do is leave a shallow bowl of water out and be careful when driving as many animals will be crossing roads to get away from the flames and heat.

“If you do come across an animal that needs help, try not to over handle it – a big cause of death in native animals like kangaroos during bushfires is stress and coddling it will only make it more scared.”

People can also contact Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Native Animal Rescue or their nearest vet.

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