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Caversham Mural
Students Charlotte Dawe and Sebastian and Penny Watson with Principal George Craig and Kat Ferguson and Nicola Cowie of The Artists Nook, in Guildford.

Art space for one and all

A SPLASH of colour in the form of a large floor mural has not only brightened the school grounds at Caversham Valley Primary School but it has also provided support for local artists and brought the school community together.

With the help of a state government and Lotterywest Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery grant the school P&C engaged local artists Kat Ferguson and Nicola Cowie to work with students.

P&C grants coordinator Grace Watson said through the pandemic the school, which opened in 2020, had found ways to bring the community together while supporting local people.

“The main idea of the project was to bring our community together as one,” she said.

“The grant needed to not only support the artists, but also benefit and involve the local community.”

Kat and Nicola spent 10 weeks working with all year groups to create beautiful images using collage and simple line drawings.

“The school is still very young and the gardens were still developing so we were keen to involve the ‘bee’ in the overall design,” they said.

“The bee is an emblem of abundance, persistence, communication and teamwork.

“They are by nature industrious, strong and intuitive and is present in all countries around the world.”

Parents were also engaged through a questionnaire to understand where in the world families originated from, what languages they spoke at home and what were their most loved flora and fauna from home.

“The undercover area is where the students showcase their hard work and celebrate their successes with their families and teachers – therefore it was the perfect location for a mural to reflect their teamwork, creativity and community.”

By Claire Ottaviano

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